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Poland is a country with a stable legal system that guarantees security of business transactions. Currently, it is a very favourable market for foreign investments. Also Polish investors are present in all world markets. Through our professional contacts with lawyers of other countries, we can ensure cooperation in undertaking of international projects, legal assistance to Polish entities abroad and legal services to foreign companies operating in Poland.

International cooperation
We have been cooperating with befriended law firms active in the European markets and the United States as well as with other countries’ chambers of commerce that are present in Poland. Cooperating with chambers of commerce bringing together entrepreneurs operating in the Polish and foreign markets, we conduct activities designated to promote economic cooperation and promotion of our region. We provide trainings and organize meetings aimed at bringing vital aspects of the Polish business law to the members of chambers of commerce.

Cooperation with professional bodies
We are solicitors and advocates. Due to steady development of our practice, lawyers of both professional bodies are welcome to cooperate with us. The condition is professionalism and inexhaustible energy level. Interested candidates are requested to send resume and cover letter to: 

Internships, apprenticeships
In our midst there are solicitor and attorney trainees. We offer internships to graduates and students of Polish and foreign law universities. The condition is at least good knowledge of foreign language. Interested candidates are requested to send resume and cover letter to:
Pro bono
We are pleased to assist
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